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Home embroidery start-up turning the corner for a child

Home Embroidery Start-up, Turning the Corner for a Child

The dirty secret not talked about, are the millions of children world wide without families. is turning the corner to help save a life.




United States February 29, 2008


Millions of children world wide go to bed every night hungry, scared and alone.  No family, few or no plans for tomorrow and very little hope, they are written off by the world.


What started as a hobby and for extra spending money, turned into something much more along the way.  Somewhere, the long hours spent at their machines for dollars and sodas turned into the need to make a difference. The sleepless nights now have purpose:  bright smiles and hope for a child.  Driven, the game changed.  A childs life is now at stake.


While some of the commercialized world continues blissfully unaware or unmoved by the struggle for humanity existing neither in recess nor dark corner but rather, in our country, neighborhood and communities, seeks to make a difference.  Taking the challenge head on, they are attempting to turn the corner for one child.


8 Claws and a Paw Embroidery launched Herb the Sock Monkey embroidery design series (  In doing so, they hope to gain the finances needed to help offset the adoption costs.  Proceeds from this designs series and their other product lines are being put towards adoption of a child for the owners family.


While they may not turn the world on its axis, for one child they are turning the corner; hope now within reach.  Sometimes, hope is all we need. 






8 Claws and a Paw Embroidery is family owned business specializing in custom embroidered items and embroidery designs.  Started in 2008, the company hit the market with enthusiasm and a unique collection of embroidery products unlike many competitors.  Combing the talents for embroidery digitizing and an innovative, creative eye for design, the companys success is limited only to the number of hours in the day.



For further information:


Contact:  Joseph Riggins



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